Locals Bar Guide is dedicated to helping users craft the ultimate San Francisco experience the way locals take in the city by the bay. By offering our unique, no-nonsense perspective, along with technology built specifically for anyone looking to raise a glass in the city; Locals Bar Guide is the premier destination to create the perfect night out on the town for tourists and locals alike.

Locals Bar Guide is a unique tool to tailor each and every night of the week with the best possible settings and amenities this city has to offer. If you're trying to find the right happy hour or something to do tonight, we can help. If you'd like to enjoy some rare sunshine and bottomless mimosas - we can point you in the right direction; if you're looking for darts, a nice view and a place to play pool - we'll send you to the perfect place; and if all you want to do is find a bar with cheap drinks, we can do that too. Locals Bar Guide is your tour guide to San Francisco nightlife.

Combined we have over 50 years of experience living in these 49 square miles, occupying the stickiest strip clubs, darkest alleys and drunkest tanks. Some of us have been drinking in this city since we were 17 (oops!), and over the years have found ourselves in dives, lounges and irish pubs everywhere from the Sunset, to North Beach, the Marina, down to Potrero Hill and back.

But this isn't really about us, it's about you the San Francisco locals. We want to let you get your opinion heard (As long as you have something better to say than one time you think somebody was rude to you once). That's why we have our "best review wins" policy, meaning the most detailed, up to date and entertaining review goes up as the one and only review for that bar... unless somebody writes a better one. That way you don't have to sort through reviews to find one that's informative. We're also working on features for Bar Owner to keep their patrons up to date, because local business owners are a big part of what keeps San Francisco great (until we have the tools up, email us at localsbarguide@gmail.com with any updates you have).

The end goal is creating a community resource for the partyers that make this city proud, we love this city and think it deserves a great tool for its dedicated drinkers.