Well, after many longs nights we have finally launched it.... So jump into the Apple Store and have a play, it's FREE download! Chances are you'll find your next favorite watering hole or drink special. Optimized for both Phone and Tablets, the app has an incredibly robust search system and incredible performance.

If you don't feel like downloading the app, well that's all good too. LocalsBarGuide.com was built to accommodate the vast majority browsers and devices and designed from the ground up to be 100% responsive.

Whether you're looking for a drink special or a Bar to shoot a game of Pool, we've got you covered. We hope you enjoy and as always your feedback is not only welcomed but much appreciated.

Android User?

To be blunt, we weren't happy with the initial performance of the Android builds. Rather than force a square peg in a round hole, we chose to focus on building out the iOS application and the CMS / Core Application. However, you'll be pleased to know that with this launch comes a new Queue and it's coming soon...