Not too long ago, I grabbed a drink (or three) with my good friend and Prospect's bar director Davin Affrunti.

SW: So where are you from, D?

DA: A little colonial fishing town in New York called Oyster Bay. I came out to California in 2001, and have been hooked ever since.

SW: How long have you been bar tending?

DA: Nearly a decade behind the bar in one way or another, whether obsessively cleaning, tending, or managing.

SW: Where?

DA: I spent several years during college as the kitchen expediter at Aziza, where I later trained behind the stick, before making the move to Mammoth Lakes to be a snow bum. Minus the 6 months I spent in San Diego, I had close to four great years at this unique hot spot called Whiskey Creek -- a casual fine dining restaurant & brewery with an upstairs sports bar that turned into a full-blown nightclub/live music venue. When I circled back to San Francisco in 2009, I landed at Fly Bar on Sutter, and ended up managing for years before recently making a jump over to Prospect to take over the beverage program.

SW: What's your go to order for a cocktail?

DA: I love a good Martinez... and to hear the varying stories behind its origin.

SW: Beer?

DA: Trumer always works when thinking long-term. Speakeasy Prohibition after a long night. Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout when it's time to get serious.

SW: Who are your favorite local breweries?

DA: Moonlight Brewing is up there for sure. The Anchor crew are just plain awesome, and treat us well. I love what Almanac has going with the farm-to-barrel concept. Sierra Nevada was my first California beer, when I first came out at 17. I recently did their 20- something tap sampler in one sitting...

SW: How about local distilleries?

DA: St. George does it all -- absinthe, whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, brandy. Raff Distillerie on Treasure Island makes a killer, coriander-forward gin from 100% California grapes. It's called Bummer & Lazerus, named in homage to the infamous two stray dogs that roamed the SF streets in the 1860's.

SW: What bars to you frequent when you want to go out and grab a drink?

DA: The Bitter End holds a special place in my heart, and always will. Fireside is my local Cheers-esque neighborhood watering hole. Hi-Lo Club on Polk is my kind of scene... free of pretentiousness.

SW: Any special bartenders you recommend?

DA: This is a hard one. So many great ones in this city. Hopefully without evading privacy -- Libby at Madrone, Bryan at Rickhouse, Eric at Louie's, anyone at Fly Bar.

SW: Thanks, D. I got this round.